Deluxe Single-Tear Paper Towel Holder

Deluxe Single-Tear Paper Towel Holder

  • $24.99
Product Code: KTH-6066-87RM
The Deluxe Single-Tear™ Paper Towel Holder features a high-end design that is both attractive and functional. Brushed stainless-steel construction fits any kitchen décor and the innovated patented function allows for a single paper towel sheet to tear perfectly with using only one hand. There is no risk of the holder toppling over with the extra wide, weighted base that holds both standard and jumbo-sized rolls. Plus, a simple ¼ turn top cap allows for easy and quick roll replacement. It’s the s perfect gift for newlyweds or new home owners.

Brushed stainless-steel design accents any kitchen

Soft rubber base adds just enough friction for the perfect one-handed tear every time

¼ turn cap for easy on/off roll replacement

Extra wide footprint and 3 lb. weighted base for added stability

Fits standard and jumbo-sized paper towels

Measures: 13.5 inches tall x 7.7 inches diameter