4-Piece Aluminum Advantage Dish Rack

4-Piece Aluminum Advantage Dish Rack

  • $49.99
Product Code: KTH-6150-86

A new rust-free clean-up solution, the 4-Piece Aluminum Dish Rack even includes a slide out tray that almost doubles the drying capacity and allows you to maximize space on both sides of the sink. The sleek, aluminum material won’t rust, keeping the rack looking brand new.

Product Features

  • Slideout drying tray stores under dish rack and slides out when needed for extra drying space
  • Holds up to 8 plates
  • 5 glass posts
  • Large utensil bin with split compartments
  • Plastic, padded feet protect countertops from scratching and scuff marks


Assembled dish rack measures: 48.2 x 36.3 x 17.5 cm

Slideout drain tray measures: 36.2 x 33.6 cm

Rust-free aluminum and plastic design

Drain tray and utensil bin are dishwasher safe (top rack only)