Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get replacement parts for my Polder item?

Can I use my probe thermometer in a smoker or barbeque?

Can the Iron Rest / Holster be removed from my Ironing Board?

Can the Ultra Probe be used in the oven?

Does Polder ship outside the UK?

How can I get a new copy of the operating / assembly instructions for my item?

How can I return a product purchased through the Polder website?

How do I know which replacement probe I need for my thermometer?

How much weight can my Polder Step Stool support?

I purchased one of your products from another website. Can I return it to Polder for a refund?

What is the difference between an In-Oven and Instant-Read Thermometer?

What is the height of the top step for the Ultralight Ladders?

What type of warranty does Polder offer on their products?

Where are your products available to purchase?

Where is the ON/OFF button on my timer?